Monday, January 9, 2012

A Sleepy, Snowy, Monday

Well today is just my day to be lazy around the house.  Not too much to do today.  Started out the morning chasing my big brother (something I love to do!) then we took nice nap together on our new bed!

Then after our short nap, daddy brought out the vacuum cleaner and grrr, how I hate the hoover!  So of course, I had to go on the attack.

Then of course, after exerting all that energy on the vacuum, it was again time for another nap...

And now, I just realized it was snowing!  So I'm off for a walk in my very first snow!  Pictures to come up later!


  1. Is no problem wiv nappin my pal. Dog gotta nap!

  2. Wow look at your bed, big enuff to fit you and your bruver and your toys. What heaven.