Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Protect. Share. Nurture.


This morning I wanted to share a little something with all of my animal friends! Some of you have heard about our twitter friend Molly the Pug who was stolen from her home (but thankfully later found). I think its wonderful that the twitter community played a big role in getting the word out about Molly and getting her back with her humans where she belonged.
   Micro chipping is something my parents decided on getting me, so just in case I get lost it would be easier to find my way back home. But for some humans micro-chipping is something that they might not be able to afford or they just choose to go another route... If that is the case its important to have some kind of plan to be safe.

My mommy is a super online shopper and just recently got us these pawsome new collars !  It uses the latest technology of the smart phone scanner to build a profile for us pups online. So if I get lost a nice person just scans my bar-code and they get all my contact information, medical information, a picture, and my parents even get a location notification of where i was scanned!  The website is called pethub there is more information about the product on there.  So check it out!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Sleepy, Snowy, Monday

Well today is just my day to be lazy around the house.  Not too much to do today.  Started out the morning chasing my big brother (something I love to do!) then we took nice nap together on our new bed!

Then after our short nap, daddy brought out the vacuum cleaner and grrr, how I hate the hoover!  So of course, I had to go on the attack.

Then of course, after exerting all that energy on the vacuum, it was again time for another nap...

And now, I just realized it was snowing!  So I'm off for a walk in my very first snow!  Pictures to come up later!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Good Morning everyone ! Or good afternoon for some of my friends.
I had loads of fun yesterday with all my friends at the dog park. lots of dirt holes to dig in and roll around in. Dad had a hard time taking pictures of me running around at the park so he took lots and lots of video! 

Check it out!

Here is a clip of me and my fellow Malamute. He's fun to play with I loved jumping at his face to give him kisses.

Here is a video of me and my new friend Darcy!  We played all day until the sky was dark. My brother Taj likes to check up on me once and a while to make sure none of the big dogs pick on me... but I can handle my own =)

And last but not least here's the clip of Darcy and I rolling in the dirt hole together!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Running Around The Town . . .

Hey guys!  So we had an early morning and it was a busy one too!  We made an early trip to the toy shop and mom and dad picked me up a few things!

this is a picture of me trying to say hi to another pup in the next toy aisle. 

I LOVE the toy store!  There are so many other pups running around with their humans. And there are so many toys! Toys everywhere!! 

So I got carried away with the digging and destroyed my bed last week.... but it was so worth it!

Mom and dad can't resist my kisses so they got me a brand new bed!! yay!

And I must say my new bed is perfect for naps.
I got so many new squeaky toys and tennis balls, and even a talking monkey! But my favorite thing of all was my new sweater!

Because now daddy and i can be twins! 

Friday, January 6, 2012


I wanna give a big WOOF and slobbery kisses to my friends Marley and lola they have been super welcoming and helpful not just to me but to all of the border terriers in the community! hopefully one day we can all have one BIG BT party over in the UK!

The coolest borders in town!

Check them out on twitter!

Hanging Out In My Backyard . . .

Good day to all my fellow borders and Humans. I woke up this morning chewing on my daddys sock and thats when it came to me! I should share the memories when the family and I picked mom up from work and took a stroll down to the Capitol Building. . .

I follow my big brothers every move
It wasn't a very sunny afternoon but it sure was warm. I love surprising mom at work she never expects it.

Oh... a fun fact about me... I'm a little camera shy. Its mostly because i want to check out all the other interesting things going on around me. But lets just call it camera shy =)

If you ever get a chance to go to the Washington Capitol building  I'll let you in on a little local secret. . . 

To the left of the building there is a little brick red house tucked away in the trees. Inside there is a big fountain and benches for people to drink and relax. My favorite part is the opening to a secret cave!
Since not many people notice its there, Its the perfect place to have a moment alone with the humans you love!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

And Here I Am!

Hi there my name is Rory Ryder a 5 month old border terrier! Lately I have been enjoying the border community on twitter so much that I decided to start up a blog for my human/k9 friends to enjoy.

 But first things first i want to introduce my parents to everyone.....

This is my daddy Ned and my big brother Taj! (Taj is an 11yr old jack russell terrier)

And this is my mommy Lindsay! Look look thats me on her shoulder!

We are one happy family running around and getting into trouble all over Washington DC. Making friends and unforgettable memories everyday.
But before i could even remember i was a teeny tiny little blob watching over my mommy and daddy until one day...
im the little blob facing the camera :)
I plopped out with my brothers and sisters ready to go home with my new family!
And as the days passed us by i grew bigger and stronger everyday. . .

This video was taken my second day home.  I was exploring my new home in the city.

I must admit the older i got the Easier things became to figure out . . .