Friday, January 6, 2012

Hanging Out In My Backyard . . .

Good day to all my fellow borders and Humans. I woke up this morning chewing on my daddys sock and thats when it came to me! I should share the memories when the family and I picked mom up from work and took a stroll down to the Capitol Building. . .

I follow my big brothers every move
It wasn't a very sunny afternoon but it sure was warm. I love surprising mom at work she never expects it.

Oh... a fun fact about me... I'm a little camera shy. Its mostly because i want to check out all the other interesting things going on around me. But lets just call it camera shy =)

If you ever get a chance to go to the Washington Capitol building  I'll let you in on a little local secret. . . 

To the left of the building there is a little brick red house tucked away in the trees. Inside there is a big fountain and benches for people to drink and relax. My favorite part is the opening to a secret cave!
Since not many people notice its there, Its the perfect place to have a moment alone with the humans you love!


  1. Ello my pal and welcome to bloggin. I ope you gonna enjoy it. I sure do.

  2. Very interesting with the cave.... I was in Washington a year ago, but then I didn't know about the cave...

  3. Hi Rory, nice to meet you. Keep us posted on your adventures in Washington.