Thursday, January 5, 2012

And Here I Am!

Hi there my name is Rory Ryder a 5 month old border terrier! Lately I have been enjoying the border community on twitter so much that I decided to start up a blog for my human/k9 friends to enjoy.

 But first things first i want to introduce my parents to everyone.....

This is my daddy Ned and my big brother Taj! (Taj is an 11yr old jack russell terrier)

And this is my mommy Lindsay! Look look thats me on her shoulder!

We are one happy family running around and getting into trouble all over Washington DC. Making friends and unforgettable memories everyday.
But before i could even remember i was a teeny tiny little blob watching over my mommy and daddy until one day...
im the little blob facing the camera :)
I plopped out with my brothers and sisters ready to go home with my new family!
And as the days passed us by i grew bigger and stronger everyday. . .

This video was taken my second day home.  I was exploring my new home in the city.

I must admit the older i got the Easier things became to figure out . . .

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